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GP Pharm is specialized in research, development and manufacturing of injectable pharmaceutical products, including those based on its own innovative drug delivery systems: Microspheres and Liposomes.

The research and development laboratories of GP Pharm have the latest innovative technologies to assure the success in these areas.

The company is open to assess Contract Manufacturing and Contract Development business opportunities with third companies interested in GP Pharm´s development and manufacturing capabilities and long standing experience.


  • GP Pharm is allowed to manufacture research, engineering, preclinical, validation and commercial batches of pharmaceutical injectable products.
  • Facilities have achieved requirements on annex 13 of cGMP for the manufacturing of clinical trial material.

Which products?

Sterile drug products for injection of:

  • Finished dosage forms of cytotoxic active ingredients for the treatment of cancer.
  • Finished dosage forms of high potency drug substances (peptides, oligonucleotides, hormones...)
  • Finished dosage forms of drug substances with an intermediate.
  • Finished dosage forms of buffers and reconstitution solutions without potency.
  • Drug Delivery Systems: Microspheres and Liposomes.

Which dosage forms?
  • Vials
  • Ampoules
  • Pre-filled syringes

Which formulations?
  • Liquid
  • Freeze dried
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